CFCC's 2016-2017 $600 Grand-Prix Prizes Awarded; 2017-2018 Grand-Prix Begins!

2017 CFCC Club Championship hosted at UCF's Teaching Academy.

2017 CFCC Club Championship hosted at UCF's Teaching Academy.

Final CFCC $600 Grand-Prix Results For 2016-2017

Congratulations goes to John Ludwig who won the 2017 CFCC Club Championship Title in March and finished 1st place in CFCC's annual $600 Grand-Prix cash prize giveaway, a contest for the club's USCF tournament players that rewards their annual tournament performance at the conclusion of the club's tournament season, which starts with our June Summer Open & Scholastic and ends with the CFCC Club Championship held in Feb/Mar of the following year.

The CFCC Grand-Prix Prize Fund is designed to provide an additional reward to our club members that regularly attend CFCC tournament events. The final Grand-Prix scores represent the total points earned by each player at CFCC tournament events with the lowest scoring tournament for each player being deducted from the total. The club would like to congratulate the 2nd-5th place winners for their efforts, as well as all the players that make our tournament events successful!

2016-2017 CFCC Grand-Prix Winners

1st Place: John G. Ludwig 12.5 points $175.00
2nd & 3rd Place: John Givler & Ryan Hamley 10.5 points $112.50/ea.
4th & 5th Place: Cesar Gonell & Theo Slade 10.0 Points $100.00/ea.

2017-2018 CFCC Grand-Prix Begins

The club has approved the $600 Grand Prix Prize Fund for our 2017-2018 Tournament Event schedule, which begins with the CFCC Summer Open & Scholastic coming up in June. See our events for more information. (Only CFCC Events Apply)

-Central Florida Chess Club