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a NON-Profit Organization

Established in 1987 as a non-profit chess club and tournament organization, CFCC was designated in April 2018 as a 501 (c) (3) private foundation that allows donors to deduct their contributions made to the Central Florida Chess Club under IRC section 170. Please contact us if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to help support our efforts in making competitive chess events available in Central Florida.


The Central Florida Chess Club was established in 1987 as a non-profit organization with the mission to support chess activities in Central Florida and relies on volunteers who donate their time and expertise to fill its board positions. Each year during the annual CFCC Club Championship, CFCC holds its annual directors meeting and conducts new elections to fulfill its volunteer Board of Directors.

Club President

Larry Storch

Club Vice-President
Kevin Sibbitt

Club Treasurer
Wayne Strickland

Club Secretary
Terrance Washington

National Tournament Director
Harvey Lerman

Senior Tournament Director
Steven Vigil

Board Members
Michael Leavitt
Arnold Banner
Daniel Smith

Webmaster &
Scholastic Coordinator

Kevin Sibbitt


When you join or renew your Central Florida Chess Club membership each year, you receive:

Up to $10 in entry fee discounts at each of CFCC's weekend tournament events.
Senior and scholastic members are eligible for discounted annual memberships.
Eligible to be awarded the title of CFCC Club Champion if you participate and win 1st place. 

Please email CFCC President Larry Storch if you wish to join using a personal check via US mail to the following mailing address:

Larry Storch (CFCC)
95 Orense Way
Oviedo, FL. 32765

NOTE: The Central Florida Chess Club is a USCF affiliate tournament organizer and currently does not host weekly chess meetings, however, you can check out the Orlando Chess Club & Development Center @ Full Sail University for their weekly casual chess and USCF rated tournament events.

CFCC 2019 Membership Table

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CFCC 2019 Membership Table
August 16, 2019
(red indicates expired)
Dr. Roger R. Alilin LIFE
Kristian Aspi May 2018
Arnold Banner Apr 2020
Charles Bell Jan 2018
Tim Bowler Jun 2019
Darien Brown Feb 2019
Joseph Byrnes Jul 2018
Leon Cheng Jun 2019
Phillip Durand Apr 2020
Ricky Durbin Feb 2019
Todd Durham Mar 2020
William Fink Mar 2018
Daniel Galeli Jul 2018
Mark Giovannetti Aug 2018
John Givler Mar 2020
Daniel Glidewell Jun 2019
Cesar Gonell Nov 2018
Argelies Grant Nov 2019
Ryan Hamley Apr 2020
Martin Hansen Apr 2020
Coreen Jansen Dec 2018
Kaushik Jayaprabha Jul 2019
Carolyn Kapitan Sep 2020
William Kipersztok Jan 2018
Chas Launier Sep 2020
Grayson Launier Sep 2020
Scott Launier Sep 2020
Michael Leavitt Apr 2020
Sammy Leavitt Apr 2020
Paul Leggett Aug 2020
Harvey Lerman LIFE
John Ludwig Feb 2019
James Mctigue Feb 2019
Omar Mills Oct 2018
Michael Moschos Jun 2019
Matthew Minear Feb 2019
Braden Neese Jun 2018
Bach Ngo May 2017
Prajwal Nidadavolu Feb 2020
Maria O'Keefe Jan 2018
Sean O'Keefe Jan 2018
Tahsia O'Keefe Jan 2018
Thomas O'Keefe Jan 2018
Dalton Perrine Apr 2020
Elijah Pons Feb 2019
Jose Moya Pons May 2019
Kenneth Popkin Jan 2018
Felix Porrata Jan 2018
David Raymond Jun 2018
Angel Rios Jan 2019
Carlos Rivas Apr 2020
David Rodriguez Jul 2017
Ryan Y. Velez Rodriguez Feb 2019
Caleb Root Jul 2020
Neel Sahai Jun 2017
Joseph Schultz Jun 2019
Brandon Sibbitt Jun 2019
Camille Sibbitt Jun 2019
Kevin Sibbitt Jun 2019
Drew Siegel Oct 2018
Theodore Slade Jun 2020
Gert Smalberger Aug 2017
Kareena Smalberger Aug 2017
Daniel Smith Apr 2020
Michael Smith Jun 2018
Allison Solik Mar 2019
Jonathan Solik Mar 2019
Rick Solik Mar 2019
Larry Storch May 2020
Wayne Strickland Apr 2020
Sanusha Subramaniam Jul 2018
Daniel Sullivan Dec 2019
Akshat Suresh Jul 2019
Kai Tabor Aug 2017
Akash Tandon Dec 2018
Tom Van Den Abell Oct 2019
Krishna Venkatasubba Feb 2019
Steven Vigil LIFE
Andy Yang Jun 2019
Zibin Yang Oct 2017
Andrew Ye Jul 2019
Alexander Zelner Mar 2020
Catherine Zelner Mar 2020
David Zelner Mar 2020
Josh Zelner Mar 2020
Gregory Zelner Mar 2020
Zoe Zelner Mar 2020
Rosa Zelner Mar 2020
Jun Zhang Oct 2019
Nate Ziegler Jan 2019