2016-17 Grand Prix Standings as of Class Championships


The 2016-17 Grand Prix standings after the 2017 Class Championships event are shown in the table below:

2016-17 CFCC Grand Prix
Standings after Class Championship
Place Player Points
1st-2nd John Givler
Ryan Hamley*
3rd-4th Cesar Gonell
Theo Slade
5th Cyrus Matini 9.5
6th-7th Sam Matini
Daniel Smith
8th-9th Connor Eickleman*
John Ludwig
10th-12th Jancarlo Cruz*
David Liu
Kai Tabor

Names with an asterisk indicate that the player needs to renew their club membership in order to remain eligible for the Grand Prix prizes. 

The final event of the Grand Prix cycle is the 2017 CFCC Club Championship, which will be held March 4-5, 2017 at UCF.