John Ludwig Shakes Up The Central Florida Class Championship

Central Florida Chess Club

John Ludwig admits he is now using a different study method for playing in chess tournaments. He is now doing intensive analysis of the most used openings. Though this seems obvious to many, he seems to have taken it to a higher level, in that his opponents seem lost before they know what has hit them. In this event his Sicilian was used in three games and no matter what color he had, each opponent was shaking their head in amazement within an hour.

When Dalton Perrine (who  lost to him in the 4th round and  finished 2nd) saw Nick Moore lose so quickly to him in the last round. He came to the champion and asked him if the lines they were playing were just not good anymore. The champion with a slight smile indicated “could be” and revealed his new training method. There is no need to study the rest of the game, if you could obtain a big advantage in the opening. Whatever it was, it earned Ludwig $853 and the top trophy. Perrine won $341 and the rest of the section’s prize money was split among four players in this Master/Expert section.

Joshua Harrison settled for a draw in the last round to finish 4½-½ to win Class A and almost $600. Dennis Dawley was a clear 2nd for $256.

The rest of the results are posted under Results, and MSA has rated the event.

Harvey Lerman- CFCC National Tournament Director & Event Organizer

CFCC National Tournament Director, Event Organizer and Club Treasurer.